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Blog entry by Lynell Lake

The Difference Between an Industrial and Commercial Electrician

The Difference Between an Industrial and Commercial Electrician

Commercial electricians are trained to work according to codes and requirements that are specific to commercial spaces, including systems between 240 and 480 volts. They work with equipment including generators, transformers, lighting fixtures, and receptacles. Commercial electricians install, repair, and update electrical systems, including transformers, lighting, electrical receptacles, and generators.

While some basic repairs or installation needs can wait for a convenient appointment, some emergencies must be taken care of right away. Power loss, smoking outlets, severely damaged wiring and other hazardous issues should be repaired immediately. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a qualified electrician who will answer the phone after normal business hours. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we always put the needs of our clients first. That’s why we offer 24 hour emergency commercial electrical services for nearby Fort Worth area businesses.

Commercial electricians gain experience primarily on service entrance, power distribution, facility power, and facility lighting. Industrial electricians share these same experiences and also are required to have knowledge on instrumentation, controls, and automation related to process machinery installations. Wiring is a significant aspect of commercial electrical systems–it requires planning and thought. Wiring connects all of the electrical parts in your building and makes it easier for them to work together. If the wiring is not done correctly, you will encounter a slew of problems over time, resulting in reworks and extra labor hour costs.

To work as an electrician you may well need to be issued with a state license issued by the relevant electrical contractor’s board. When moving into an existing building, village occupancy requirements may request you to upgrade your emergency lighting and exit sign system to comply with your new floor plan. When determining power requirements for your new building, use the "demand reading" on your electrical bill to determine existing power requirements. We plan your new space for its electrical needs utilizing our years of experience to ensure your fitting new lights space will fit tomorrow's requirements. With an All Industrial Electric electrician at your facility, you can save money while also reaping the benefits of having a highly trained professional at your disposal. All Industrial Electric Inc. has successfully taken on every type of industrial project and challenge out there.

We are known throughout northern Utah for our quality workmanship and attention to detail. Commercial electrical contractor with offices in Englewood and Littleton, Colorado and serving the Denver Metro Area. Yes, the Yoder Electric team has all of the necessary tools to service any kind of light pole. Our lifts allow us to reach commercial electric light poles of varying heights. We can also troubleshoot problems with your existing light pole infrastructure, replace blown or broken bulbs, and make adjustments as necessary to these types of fixtures. Many industrial projects occur when the facility has downtime around major holidays.

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